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Business ESP


Wondering how to maximize the value of your company, create a stronger foundation for the business, and position yourself for greatest overall success?

Hoping beyond hope it can be fun?

We get it. Now you can give your company Business ESPSM (an Exit Strategy Plan) to put you on the road to achieving your business and personal goals.

A growing business, naturally, faces growing pains. Our team has created a strategic, collaborative process that will allow you to maximize the value of your business as you prepare for growth or sale. Working with us, you will improve business functioning while raising your level of creativity, expertise, and enjoyment in all areas of your business.


We will engage you in high-level visioning for the future and values discovery, through our Vision Scope process which is designed to help you hone your personal and business goals. Next we will rigorously assess your business as it currently operates. We will create a tailored BizBooster action plan to get your company in shape to sell the business for a top valuation, raise expansion capital or merge with or acquire another company.

We'll then meet periodically to assess progress against the action plan, provide strategic guidance on new opportunities or challenges, and refine and tune the plan for ease and viability. We'll also take time to acknowledge wins and celebrate what's going well.

It is our end goal to improve the performance of your business, with an eye to strengthening the value through enhanced operations, culture, leadership, and, importantly, your enjoyment of and pride in your successful business.