"It is far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price."

Warren Buffet
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Founded by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

Atlas Capital Strategies is a boutique Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) advisory firm providing customized services tailored to meet the needs of each business owner. We celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurs and all they do to make the US strong, vibrant and the engine for job creation and growth.

Since the firms founding in 2002 Atlas Capital Strategies has worked with dozens of companies to help business owners devise and create the right M&A transaction to meet their goals. We offer a unique perspective versus others in the industry as each principal of the firm has been a CEO.  We have all built, bought and/or sold companies during our careers prior to creating Atlas. Thus, we know what is important to you as a business owner as you go through the process of selling your company because we have been in your shoes.

We work exclusively with privately-held companies. Specifically, Atlas offers a variety of services to entrepreneurs and family owned middle market companies across a broad range of industries. We have extensive experience with consumer product companies, food & beverage, service businesses, wholesale & distribution companies as well as companies engaged in light manufacturing and technology. Our services include:
  • Business Sales
  • Acquisitions of Competitive or Complimentary Businesses
  • Recapitalizations


Atlas is unlike other M&A advisors, because we focus on your business and personal goals, including your after tax benefits. We offer a unique perspective resulting from having directly managed public and private companies in manufacturing, financial services, technology and professional services businesses. Plus, our principals have built and sold their own business, so we know what is important to business owners.